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Application Hosting Services (ASP)
Alinco's strategic partnership with Latisys provides our customers with managed hosting solutions that deploy business solutions quickly and affordably. Alinco helps their customers receive immediate results and long-term values by increasing uptime to the market and decreasing hardware/software needs.

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Mobile User iBook Mobile User PC laptop Workstation iMac Power Mac G4 Firewall Remote Facilities Remote Office - Mac or PC / T1, Cable, DSL / VPN Encryption ASP Flexible Connectivity Diagram - An Illustration of the diverse client and connectivity options available from Alinco's Hosting Community Mobile Users - Mac or PC / 56K to 128K / VPN Encryption Internet Corporate Facilities - Mac or PC / T1, Cable, DSL / VPN Encryption VPN 128 Bit Encryption Firewall Firewall Firewall Workstation IBM Compatible Power Mac G4 Corporate iMac Tower PC ASP Gigabyte Infrastructure SQL Server Farm PSI Server Farm Citrix Server Farm ISDN Connection 56K Connection