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Hosting Services
By taking complete responsibility for our customers' computing infrastructure, Alinco IT, Inc. allows its customers to focus on managing business, not technology. Customers can utilize Alinco's technology and strategic alliances to empower their business process and maintain focus while knowing that their business critical data is well positioned with maximum uptime and infallible performance. For many organizations, it is cost prohibitive to maintain their IT infrastructure. With Alinco IT, Inc., customers can utilize technology to realize a better way of doing business.

Capital Budget Reduction
Lower Cost of Ownership

Reduced Upgrade Cost
Return on Investment
Reduced IT Staffing

Faster to Market
Internet Ready
Competitive Advantage
Increased Growth Potential

Quick Application Development
Higher Scalability
Ease of Manageability
Increased Reliability and Performance
Multi-Tiered Security
Enterprise Level Help Desk and Support

Application Hosting Services (ASP)

Alinco's strategic partnership with Latisys provides our customers with managed hosting solutions that deploy business solutions quickly and affordably. Alinco helps their customers recieve immediate results and long-term values by increasing uptime to the market and decreasing hardware/software needs.

Web Hosting Services

Alinco's strategic partnership with Latisys world-class data centers now allows us to help customers capitalize on their investments by developing and maintaining their company web site. Our WEB hosting services offer customers everything necessary for complete Internet presence. Alinco can provide customers with their own domain name, email solutions for the entire office, and much more! We include everything customers need in hosting solutions to get their company web site up and running quickly and smoothly, at a cost effective rate.

Hosting Service Facility

At Alinco IT, Inc. we recognize the importance of our customers' data. Proper facilitation of a data center is an industry in itself. That is why Alinco IT, Inc. partners with Latisys for all its Hosting needs. Latisys currently hosts major web providers the likes of Toshiba America and Sony. It is our goal and business objective to facilitate our ASP Server farms across its vast nationwide network.

Hosting Service FAQ

We at Alinco know that you will have questions about our hosting services. That's why we've put together a FAQ for you to help answer your questions. If you don't see your question answered in our FAQ, feel free to contact us.

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