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Implementation Services
Important to the success of introducing new hardware and software technology assets into an IT infrastructure is the smooth implementation of all the intended elements.

To help assure such success, you may take advantange of Alinco IT, Inc. implementation services. Designed to be comprehensive, as well as focused, our implementation services cover all of the details to be addressed in a successful network project plan and integration.

In working closely with our customers, Alinco IT, Inc. will help identify and manage:

Project Life Cycle
Consultation Services
Third Party Resources
Installation and Configuration
Training Services
Business Process Review

"… I was introduced to Alinco IT, Inc. at a PSI Users Conference in Phoenix. We discussed a few problems that I was having on my Novell Network and some possible solutions. When returning home I implemented those suggestions and found that a 6 month old problem had been resolved …"

Andy Roth
MIS Department Manager
San Diego, California

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