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Managed Services
Alinco IT, Inc. recognizes the need for ongoing managed support services to maintain the quality in which our customers networks operate. Alinco IT, Inc. managed services deliver timely, accurate answers customers need to maximize productivity and effectiveness. Customers will benefit from expert hardware and software support, which includes telephone and electronic support, help desk consulting, and service-level performance monitoring.

Basic Services
Help Desk Services
Tape Backup Check
Server Life Monitoring
Network OS Patches

Update/Backup PLUS
Firmware Update
Application Update
Verify SQL Backup
Verify Exchange Backup

Infrastructure/Fulfillment Services
Switches, Routers
VPN Monitoring
Assessment Management

Basic Services

Help Desk Services - Our Help Desk Services team is our single point of reference for service, accountability and response. Services ranging from logging service requests, dispatching emergency response teams or coordinating clients to the proper system engineers. A single conduit to various skill sets from "turning on your PC" to "reconfiguring Cisco Routers".

Tape Backup Check - Our System Engineers will remotely administrate and log tape backups on a daily basis and notify customers on the status of each backup transaction. Verification of tape and off site storage is done on a bi-weekly basis to insure validity of data and media. If an error should occur, the system administrator is notified immediately; email, phone and written notice are issued.

Server Life Monitoring - In this day and age a server failure can be devastating to a day to day business operation. Some of us take for granted the availability of applications, data storage and print services. Our System Engineers will monitor the processes of your server on a daily basis and notify you of preemptive or scheduled services that may be required to keep your server running at its peak efficiency.

Network OS patches - As the complexity of applications continues to challenge hardware and Operating Systems alike, manufacturers the likes of Microsoft and Novell will meet each challenge with patches that will allow Operating Systems to comply with various applications. These patches may cover various sections of the operating system and are not necessarily compatible with each other. Alinco System Engineers test various combinations of Operating System Patches within our controlled lab environment to ensure the integrity of each update. Our Help Desk team will notify our clients and coordinate scheduled downtimes to update Operating Systems to assure network uptime and efficiency.


Update/Backup PLUS

Firmware Update - Various manufacturers of devices such as routers, switches, printers, and scanners require periodic update of its firmware to accommodate new application and functionality. The update process varies from FTP, imaging, and proprietary means. Alinco's System Engineer and Help Desk Personnel will notify and coordinate scheduled update times to assure customers' network devices' efficiency and functionality.

Application Update - As the customers' remote monitoring utility company, our commitment to understand and support our customers business stresses past the standard conventional network infrastructure. Whether its Custom or Off the Shelf, if the application that runs your business requires periodic update. Alinco's Help Desk Services group will continuously monitor and perform scheduled updates so that customers business critical application are always running at its peak efficiency and functionality. Alinco is proud to currently support monitoring capabilities of PrintCafe / Programmed Solutions PMS systems version 9.4,10.1,11 and Macola Accounting Version 6.2,7.5.

Verify SQL Backup - Microsoft SQL Server's advanced database engine has become one of today's most robust and commonly used Data Engine for customers' intranet and extranet computing needs. Proper maintenance and backup monitoring has become an essential part of system failure prevention methodology. Alinco's SQL Backup verification services tests the integrity of SQL database "backed up" to insure validity of the backup process. This service compliments Alinco's Tape Backup Check services to insure valid transaction log and database not normally performed after the backup to tape process- a must have for businesses relying on SQL Data for its daily Data Storage needs.

Verify Exchange Backup - Microsoft Exchange Server is one of today's most popular and effective collaborative desktop management engines available. Calender, notes, task manager are just some of the daily services that today's end-user relies on to coordinate individual or group activities. Effective backups and verification are critical to operations of business relying on Exchange's vast service offering. Alinco's Exchange Backup verifications allows our customers to be aware of Exchange's Life Cycle status, allowing preemptive maintenance, backup verifications and scheduled optimizations to insure optimum performance and longevity. This service compliments Alinco's Tape Backup Check services as well.


Infrastructure/Fulfillment Services

Switches, Routers - Utilizing world class monitoring tools, the trained staff at Alinco will monitor our customers' Routers and Switches to verify data integrity and maximum uptime. Our preemptive approach will monitor your devices through SNMP/RMON and proprietary tools to assure device and data communications are within safe working parameters. Thus, limiting costly downtimes and unforseen data corruption.

VPN Monitoring - Using remote access, Alinco will monitor the health and status of a customer's VPN connection between corporate and remote sites, notifying the customer at the first sign of VPN failure or if the VPN is performing below acceptable parameters.


"… Alinco IT, Inc. were referred to our company at the time when we had endured weeks of ongoing network related problems. During that time a local consulting firm was unable to diagnose the problem. After speaking with Albert and explaining our situation, he was able to dial in and offer us the solution in just a short time …"

Ronald P. Hockman
Director Of Operations
Techni-Forms Inc.,
Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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