Alinco IT, Inc. Services Overview
Total Network Solutions

System Integration
Our highly trained staff, infrastructure, and industry-proven "Total Network Solutions" give customers complete network services and support solutions that meet their IT needs. Our resources allow our customers to:

Optimize network performance and dependabilty
Reduce overall costs and intricacy of your
network infrastructure
Adapt to new business changes smoothly and efficiently
Focus on core business, not technology
Ensure you that your technology and businesss objectives go hand in hand

Network Audits

Alinco IT, Inc. network audits provide the first step for successfully managing desktop and distributed network infrastructures based on assets and resources. The network audit provides customers with a comprehensive assessment and precise network synopsis. Alinco engineers and technicians then use this significant information to evaluate customers current network performance and then recommend suggestions for improvement. Customers are then provided with a complete detailed report from which network improvement decisions can be made for future reference and business growth. Using our network audit services customers' can:

Maintain an accurate and up to date hardware and
software inventory
Keep a full audit history of individual PC's
Track moves/additions/subtractions/changes
Precisely plan for new initiatives and/or upgrades
Reduce your total cost of ownership

Network Analysis and Design

Immediately following our Network Audit Services, Alinco's Network Analysis & Design phase can assist customers with the establishment of their business network infrastructure. The analysis and design phase produces detailed network specifications aimed at achieving customers' business needs and objectives, along with taking into account how to integrate new technology into their existing infrastructure at a reliable, cost-effective rate. Some of the major steps contained in the Network Analysis and Design Service are as followed:

Define functional network requirements
Develop plans for installation and implementation
Prepare supporting technical documentation
Provide detailed equipment and resource requirements

Installation and Implementation

Alinco IT, Inc. has the available resources to effectively and efficiently execute all the intended steps to ensure a successful network installation and implementation. Alinco will install all the necessary components to ensure our customers' networks reliability and functionality. Components may include, but are not limited to:

LAN/WAN Architecture

Operating Systems
Implementation of Security

"... It is not often we take the time to write a letter to personally thank someone for a job well done. It is not often we even feel it is appropriate. However, we can't say enough about the service we recieved from Alinco IT, Inc. during our conversion to SQL Server. Your installation of a new firewall and other various projects has certianly made my job easier. Your commitment to your customers, with quality service, never ending knowledge, has been extremely helpful. Thanks again for your continuing dedication to getting the job done..."

Patty Vogel
Network Administrator
Rodgers & McDonald
Carson, California

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