Professional Services

We are committed to providing our customers complete, and industry proven “Total Network Solutions and Services.” Through decades of experience based planning, process-focused implementation, programming design and analysis, and ongoing review and support, Alinco IT, Inc. professional services can help create customers’ business networking needs from concept to reality. Alinco’s professional services include the following:

  • Implementation Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Application Development
  • Help Desk Services

Implementation Services

Important to the success of introducing new hardware and software technology assets into an IT infrastructure is the smooth implementation of all the intended elements.

To help assure such success, customers may take advantage of Alinco IT, Inc. implementation services. Designed to be comprehensive as well as focused, our implementation services cover all the details to be addressed in a successful network project plan and integration.

In working closely with our customers, Alinco will help identify and manage:

  • Project Life Cycle
  • Consultation Services
  • Third Party Resources
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Training Services
  • Business Process Review

Utilizing a “Single Point of Contact” perspective, Alinco maintains itself as a single reference point for pre to post project implementation.

Our highly trained staff, infrastructure, and industry-proven “Total Network Solutions” gives customers complete network services and support solutions that meet there IT needs. Our resources allow our customers to:

  • Optimize network performance and dependability
  • Reduce overall costs and intricacy of their network infrastructure
  • Adapt to new business changes smoothly and efficiently
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Focus on core business, not technology
  • Be ensured that technology and business objectives go hand in hand

System Integration

Application Development

Our application services are customized to meet the current and future business requirements of our customers, and designed to provide flexibility needed to streamline critical business IT processes. We apply innovative software development methodologies that produce high quality, low-risked managed solutions.

Alinco’s primary application development services include the following:

  • Consultation and Design
  • Coding Application (which include:)
    • Crystal Reports
    • Java
    • Web Site Development
    • VBASIC
    • WAP
    • SQL
    • XML

Alinco IT, Inc. takes every step necessary to promote reliability and communication with our customers. As part of our technical support service, a help desk and customer service support team is available to answer any and all technological inquiries.

Alinco’s primary support services include the following:

  • Phone Support
  • Remote Access Services
  • Remote Management
  • Proactive Monitoring

Help Desk Services